Women Supporting Women ~ Meet Blogger Friends Bronte, Natasha and Sammie

Little Miss Gypsy - Bronte, Natasha and Sammie
One thing we love to see is when a network of ladies come together to support one another with goals, dreams and visions. Blogger friends Bronte Tewes, Natasha Walton and Sammie Burdett discuss here in their own words the importance of creative collaboration, what it means to work together as a collective and how the experience has helped in forging new friendships.
Little Miss Gypsy - Bronte, Natasha and Sammie
"Fashion Fun and Friendship is what lies at the heart of our collaborative group!
We discovered each other’s insta accounts from a mutual love of gorgeous boho fashion like LMG! So after a while we decided it was time to meet up in person at one of our favourite local stores Eastern Eclectica.
It was a great opportunity to share our experiences with instagram and fashion! And of course we couldn’t resist a try on and a few photographs while hanging out! This was how we discovered what great pictures we could take for each other and with fabulous styling advice too! And all while having a lot of fun doing it! 
After that we were all eager to do it again and again after that!
We’ve discovered that we inspire each other creatively which has led to some amazing location shoots and pictures together too now! And we have lots more amazing ideas to explore in the future! But the most valuable thing that we have discovered over our time working together are genuine friendships with each other which we would never have found otherwise! And that is the greatest reward of all!"
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