Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Inside every woman lives a goddess. Since the dawn of time, women are born with unique, shining abilities to make the world a better place. In this life, we are meant to discover and share these natural talents from the depths of our hearts with confidence, and without ego.


What is a Goddess Circle?

Before we begin, let’s talk a brief introduction on this concept that first started in the early 60’s. Created by C. Ara Campbell, the Goddess Circle “reclaims the powerful feminine energy found within and surrounding us all; to embodying and living your deepest truth and highest purpose”. To sum it up, the intention of a circle is to have a nurturing, non-judge mental place where women can be vulnerable and support each other while also enjoying fun and spiritual rituals together.

The team at Little Miss Gypsy will walk you through creating your own circle. Remember, each circle is unique and special in its own way.

Deciding to Start a Goddess Circle

Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, mourning the death of your dog or just because, there is no particular reason to set up a circle. It doesn’t have to be on a special day but it is important to note that every circle has a theme. It doesn’t have to be a coloured theme but it can be anything that brings out the most feminine energy.

Cool colours are good for autumn/winter (blue/green/purple) and warm colours are good for spring/summer (red/yellow/orange). We decided to include a lot of yellow in our circle because the colour represents optimism and creativity.

Keep the bad energy out – by keeping the circle clean

Choose a large area where everyone can sit in a circle on the ground if possible. This can be outdoors if the weather permits, a large room in your house with furniture moved aside or a community hall (good idea if you’re planning more than 15 people). For ambience, putting calming yoga music we found to create a lovely ambience around. 

Anything that is considered addictive or distracting from the main purpose of the circle should not be anywhere near the circle. So that means no alcohol, soda, coffee etc as that would draw energy out of the circle and take the meaning out of it Herbal tea or water with a hint of spice/citrus would be the best option if you get thirsty. Absolutely no eating or food substances should be in the circle.

Setting the circle

This is the most important step in creating your own goddess circle. There is no hard and fast rule about what your circle must have. These are just our suggestions, you are free to set it up and put extra things according to your likes and fancies! 

Items that have energy that women can draw from are flowers, crystals, jewellery, yoni eggs and deity statues. We went with different kinds of crystals that emit different energies that would re-energise us. These are usually your biggest energy sources and should be placed in the middle.

Flowers that are good to have in the circle and held onto participants are sage, rosemary, lavender, chrysanthemums and roses.  

To make it more pretty, we encourage a variety of colour. If it is safe, having lit candles and incense sparsely around the circle will help set the mood. 

Remember that while you put together your circle, it must radiate positive energy to you and your guests. 

Few Tips When At the Circle 

No one should sit in the circle, all women should sit around the circle so everyone will draw the same amount of energy and be given equal attention. Before you start the session when everyone has taken a seat, allow every person in the circle to speak one by one. They can say their names and answer two short questions about themselves, so everyone gets to know each other. As their host, explain the intention for the evening and any exercises you’ve prepared. 

To start the session, each woman should write down on a piece of paper anything they want to let go of. While they are writing, Remind everyone as the host that this is a time of spirituality and sacred mediation to support one another. 

When they’re finished, they can read it aloud, which gives it power and brings it to life. Then, find a way to destroy the paper as symbolism of the letting go process. 

If it’s safe to make a small fire, that would be ideal, however, ripping the paper up can also work well. 

You may choose to pass a sage stick around so each woman can smudge the woman next to her.

When it is over, thank them for coming. 

One final reminder

Living is challenging, and being able to share your experience with other goddesses is magical. Do not judge others as the goddess circle is a place of vulnerability, sharing and a celebration of womanhood.  

Celebrate the best things about your inner energy with other strong woman in your life, and together, create magic.