Under the Spotlight ~ Megann Make-Up Artistry

Megann MUA and Little Miss Gypsy

Hi Megann! Thank you for allowing us to interview you for our blog post! Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a mum of 2, soon to be 3 (Ella – 6 and Leo – 4 with baby number 3 due in October!) We live on the coast and love spending our days at the beach, travelling regularly to Rottnest, exploring the south west and relaxing and indulging in Bali. We love good food and good music and spending time making memories with family and friends. I have worked in a corporate environment for the past 14 years, with makeup being a labour of love – allowing me to balance my analytical brain with my creative brain! Life is always full and very busy - but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How did you discover your passion for makeup?

I didn’t really discover makeup until my early 20’s – I was probably fearful of it more than anything! When I travelled to the USA at 21 with my best friend, we stocked up at Sephora and many of the drug stores and I began to feel like makeup was something that could be a lot of fun. I started experimenting on friends and after I had my son realised it might be a really good creative outlet for me. I started learning from a very successful makeup artist in Perth and then formalised this learning with various courses to build my skill and knowledge. I was extremely lucky to have been given some great opportunities once I started my freelance business – the industry can be tough - but I have certainly seen incredible examples of women helping and supporting women in a way that is very inspiring. I also get to work with incredible talent – from models, to designers, photographers, and other talented makeup artists. I love that makeup can make women feel more confident or empowered. To me it’s always about enhancing the client’s unique beauty and making them feel like the best version of themselves.

Megann MUA and Little Miss Gypsy

What are your tips for Spring?

SUNCREEN, SUNCREEN, SUNCREEN! I think we can really get out of the habit of applying SPF over Winter but it’s so important – especially in our climate! I would also say have fun with makeup – Spring is all about colour so try a new shade of lippy or add some blush! The beauty of makeup is that it can be removed so experiment and find what makes you feel good!

Where do you source inspiration from?

There are so many talented makeup artists in Australia that are incredibly inspiring. Being able to borrow tips and apply them to defining your own style and brand as a makeup artist means you are always learning and growing. For me inspiration also comes from nature – the colours and tones, the light and shade – nature always gets it right! Look at the colour and blending of the petals of a rose or the defined eye of a cheetah. Inspiration is literally everywhere!

Do you have any advice for anybody wanting to start their own MUA business?

My biggest learning from starting out as a makeup artist is that as great as many practical courses are – it’s the experience that will help build your confidence and proficiency as an artist. Every face, eye, skin tone and texture is different and there is no one size fits all approach to makeup. Practice on friends and family as much as you can. Learn from experienced artists. I have done a tonne of unpaid work to learn from the best and understand the industry better. You really do need to jump in and give it a go – have a growth mindset and be open to learning. The best piece of advice I have received is don’t compare yourself to others. We all need to have our own unique style and not everyone will like what you have to offer – that is ok! Do what you love and the rest will follow!

You can see more of Megann's work over on Instagram @megann_makeupartistry