Under the Spotlight ~ Maddison Jayne Photography

Our business in focus post this week is all about Maddison Jayne...

Hi Maddison! Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

My name is Maddison Jayne, and I am from the beautiful corner of Queensland, Bundaberg, a town surrounded by seven wonderful beaches all completely unique. I am 19 and I am quite possibly the biggest homebody and then five minutes later you will find me face down in travel pamphlets searching for places to visit in Europe. My business is Maddison Jayne Photography, I am a local photographer to the Bundaberg + Wide Bay region and have been here my whole life and I don’t see myself leaving in the next ten years. I have a ridiculous obsession with wildflowers and things simply out of the ordinary, so much that my family called me their wildflower or wild child growing up. The song I wish I was a punk rocker basically sums up my childhood and personality. I love spending my spare time with my family, sitting and talking for hours, listening to all kinds of music from all eras, and buying unnecessary amounts of flowers, homeware items in the form of shells or photo frames and expensive hats. ‘Oh, I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair’. 

So how did you discover your passion for Photography?

Honestly, my passion for photography came from sneaking off with my mum’s old Canon SLR on our family road trips, using the whole roll of film on waterfalls, close up of leaves + rocks and off set angles of my parents and brother standing in front of vast landscapes. Something I never figured out was my deep passion for capturing moments throughout life and yet each road trip, in my hand, would be a camera telling my family to stand in a certain way in front of some peculiar rock or building much to their dismay I believe! The discovery for my business was much the same, standing on the edge of the point at Agnes Waters, Queensland photographing the breathtaking landscape when my partner suggested my passion and turning it into a business and well the rest is history.

Maddison Jayne Photography and Little Miss GypsyLittle Miss Gypsy - Shot By Maddison Jayne 

And how have you found your business journey? What would you say are the pro’s and con’s of running your own business?

Running my own business has come with an endless number of ups and downs but the positives by far outweigh the negatives. Something I have truly stuck by throughout my business journey is to remember that if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. In six months of running a full-time photography business I have sat down and asked myself if it’s all worth it, and then five minutes later said to myself that I will never stop doing this. The two things I have found during the course of my business is my drive for growing more each day and my dedication to spending my time to defining my style of documentary photography, capturing people in the raw, real and authentically made moments through pure human connection. 

Pro’s in Maddison Jayne Photography are the moments where after delivering my couples gallery the words of love that can bring you to tears, the couple telling you how one specific moment in time having being captured on camera holds more love and meaning than a thousand words could say, or when your couples come back to you time after time because they truly believe in your business and philosophy.

Con’s come and go like quiet months, the fear of the unknown future or periods of stress where running a business on your own can get over your head and become too overwhelming, in these moments you have to take a step back and remember just why you are doing this in the first place, however it isn’t always the easiest mindset to overcome. All in all, despite the ups and downs I have truly loved every moment of my business, it is a whole new kind of rewarding to build something from nothing on your own.

Where do you source inspiration - and our final and most important question is do you have any advice for anybody wanting to start their own business?

My very first source of inspiration came from a photographer called Anni Graham, I saved every penny to be mentored by her via a skype call from across the other side of the world in Oregon, USA. Sometimes you will do whatever it takes to have even ten minutes with someone who makes you feel so strongly inspired and empowered. Anni told me to always be different, create authentic moments and never follow others, stray from the path and craft your own kind of unique. She also instilled the idea that you are doing this for a reason, still today I take the advice she gave me into every session, every wedding and every post I make.

Growing your own business is tough, there are no two ways about it, constantly having to prove to yourself that you have got this and that you can achieve the goals you have set out to achieve, you have to stick to it no matter what. When starting to build your own business don’t look at what you can’t do at the current moment, look at what you can do, don’t hesitate on starting your dream business because you don’t know how to control your books or finances, look at it from what you know and build up from the ground. Hold your head high in confidence and don’t take on board comments from people who don’t believe you can take on the challenge of entrepreneurship, again it is not for everybody. It may take you two or three goes or you might just hit it running on the first, either way you can’t give up. My soul piece of advice to you is find a support network and a mantra on business and stick to it, make it your soul source of inspiration and build on it, if you don’t know what this means the mantra I took on was if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Having this in my head made me determined to kick goals that I set beyond belief of achieving. Set yourself steady goals but once you get rolling, set goals that are harder to achieve and push your willpower and think back to your mantra and keep going. You’ve got this boss babe. Build a business on what you do best, my dad always said find a passion and make it your occupation and that’s exactly what I did.


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