The Power of Women

With the recent International Woman's Day just past, I've been feeling quite inspired. Looking around at not only the amazing ladies in our office but also at the powerful and strong role models within the fashion industry, I can't help but feel pride. We live empowered and motivated to spark change. All of us have creativity and passion; never stopping for anyone as we carve our own path in life.

When it comes to Little Miss Gypsy, we want to promote the on the go women, mums and heroines alike, carefree travellers and passionate pursuers - showing that bohemian is accessible to all (hence why we also make it affordable to all) to basically celebrate womanhood. 

I believe there is no limit to what we, both women and men, can achieve. I strive everyday to put my all into new collections for my customers, sometimes pouring my heart and soul into every item; not only for the love of 70's, gypsy styles and modern bohemians but also for myself. Little Miss Gypsy is close to my heart as a designer (my projects are my babies) and given this next wave of inspiration from other beautiful, courageous women around me; I continue to pursue the brand's potential and heart. 

Go out and conquer your dreams! There is nothing stopping you from making a go of it.


Tash xx