Styling in Bali

One of the things I love to do most in my life is Travel. Whether it's travelling to India to oversee manufacturing or hopping to an island destination for a photoshoot, there are some definite perks to working as a designer.   

After a very busy 2019, I was lucky enough to go to one of my favourite places for some much needed R&R. For those who know me and my constant workflow in fashion, I was truly ready to take a break and visit my magical go to place; Bali. 
Exploring islands, day trips to Ubud, waterfalls, yoga retreats and laying back in a stunning villa - one thing is for sure, Bali has a uniquely laid back style that is very Bohemian and therefore perfect for me.


When packing for a holiday I always like to choose styles that are lightweight, easy to wear and suitable for styling from day into night. For me, your style choices in a tropical atmosphere need to be comfortable and breathable. This is your vacation, so combine your fashion with relaxation!  

One of my collections 'Where the Wild Things Are' is just that! Soft, easy to wear, bohemian styles, with dreamy colour palates of Wild Orchard and Orchard Bouquet. But there were 3 pieces that I absolutely loved wearing on my trip this January. 

  1. The Secret Garden Maxi Dress

    Perfect for throwing over a pair of bathers for your day by the pool, or styling up with some jewellery for a nice dinner in the evening. Its flowy and nothing but comfortable; making it perfect in the tropical heat, and warmer evenings. 

  2. The Wild Thing Skirt

    One of my favourite pieces I love wearing, is this skirt combined with cool cotton tee. Especially when on the move, visiting temples or the markets - a comfortable skirt is essential. AND if you run out of time to change before a night out, simply turn it into a strapless dress by pulling it up under your arms - you're all set for an adventurous day!

  3. Secret Garden Kimono

    Lastly, I always travel with a kimono. Need something light to throw over your day outfit, wear with bathers or even turn into a dressing gown? This is the perfect go to! Whether it's to complete a style or just have a comfortable sun protection whilst having cocktails by the pool - always pack a Kimono.

See, the Bohemian style represents a lifestyle choice. I love to wear something that represents my personality; free-flowing, colourful, and easy going. You can take a Bohemian style or elements of it and apply it to any place you travel as it is nothing but versatile - but also a joy to wear! 


- Tash x

P.S. - Take a break when you need it. Running on fumes is not going to help your business or even your mental health. It doesn't need to be a stylish trip to Bali, just take a day to yourself or run a bath with some Epsom salts!