Style Guide: How to Throw An Awesome Boho Garden Party

Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or a breezy winter afternoon, a great Garden Party is always a good way to throw a gathering of friends and loved ones. Not only do you get to enjoy the company and the nature around you, a Garden Party offers a whimsical ambiance that can also be a quiet comfortable if it just a small gathering of friends around the table. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Location, location, location

It doesn’t have to be expensive and you can make your surroundings as cosy as you want with materials you already have. Op shops are a great way to find little plates and decorations to add to the collection. To get a more vintage Boho feel, you can also add items like an old lamp, pieces of China and candles to give a more cosy feel, especially at night. A hammock or a fabric tent might be the perfect addition to make it more picturesque.

Set the scene

Make the scene a reflection of your personality! Vamp up garden furniture with cushions and throws or lay blankets and rugs down in cosy nooks such as under a tree, by your pond, or in a space where there is lots of fresh flowers and blooms. Guests won't mind cosying up on the floor as long as they're comfy and, as with indoors, ample lighting, colour and textiles are key to ensuring comfort.

To add more colour to your party, we recommend getting some floral decorations to make the set-up pop with colour. Even if you have blossoms all around in the garden or in the location you’ll be at, it’s nice to make some cut flower arrangements in vases for your tables. You can use flowers cut directly from the garden or bring in some different kinds of blossoms to add even more botanical beauty to the scene. Whatever flowers you choose, you can enhance the garden party theme by sticking with in-season varieties that commonly grow in gardens.

Comfy is the way to go

Yay! The Garden Party set-up is near done! Once you’ve got all that planning done, it’s now time to focus on you. Whatever the weather, you need something that you’ll be comfortable and feel good in.

Meadow Wrap Dress Autumn Glory

The sundress is the most common choice to wear at the party. It is the kind of dress that is extremely comfortable and lightweight. You can style it with almost everything you want, starting from denim jackets to blazers and semi-sheer cardigans.

For the bold free spirit, a bright floral maxi dress would bring out your personality whilst still maintaining an air of elegance. This is a great option if you want to wear something more versatile with a little bit of vintage Boho touch.

Meadow Wrap Dress Earthy Delights

Garden Party Blouse Winter White

If you want to try something fresh and sophisticated yet a safe option, floral pants are the way to go! This go-to, staple print would suit garden parties where the dress code is more casual and relaxed. The great thing about printed trousers is the touch of casualness what doesn't kill the overall elegance. You can pair this with a cute and simple white blouse.

To add that bit of final touch, complete your outfit with the perfect accessory. This is because accessories give more importance to your personal style, taste and preferences. They also offer unlimited opportunities for clothes, helping you to do the best of each item you have. Think of it as the important small detail that is often overlooked but when used well, adds another layer of style to the table.

Sahara Scarf Autumn Glory

 Sahara Scarf Earthy Delights 

Festival Jacket Vintage Tan

Don’t let winter or any cold weather spoil a great Garden Party! Sweaters and jackets not only keep you warm but also can add another dimension to your outfit. Wearing a great jacket can really bring out your personality and style and make your outfit ‘pop’.

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