Mum and Daughter Interview for Mother's Day

One of our gorgeous employees, Helen, answered our questions about being a mum and we were lucky enough to even get an interview with her beautiful 5-year-old daughter, Florence, too! 

Hey Helen, what is your favourite part about being a mother?

I love seeing the world through the children’s eyes, it is like learning about life all over again and seeing things from a completely different perspective.

What have you passed down from your mother to your children?

All of my children love to bake, and I used to do the same with my Mum.

What have you been doing with your kids during isolation?

Lots of baking! My eldest son is a champion, he has perfected the most amazing pizza dough and whips up a mean banana bread, my middle son made some lovely hot cross buns for Easter and Florence’s specialty is cupcakes, she loves to decorate them with different coloured icing and lots of sprinkles!

What is the most challenging part of being a mother?

Probably not being able to have a conversation with my husband without being interrupted!  That said, we know that the children will not be little for long and one day will miss their endless questions!

What is your fondest memory with your kids?

It’s probably a cliché but the day they were born is so special, the time you spend together when they are newly born is so precious and also introducing them to their new siblings is a memory I will never forget.

Now to meet Florence! 

Hi Florence! What do you love about your Mummy?

Mummy gives me kisses and hugs!

What will you do to spoil your mum on Mother’s Day?

I will draw her a picture

What is your favourite thing to do together?

Colouring in, baking cakes and blowing bubbles!


We are all about freedom of expression, love and family here; so from our big family to yours, Happy Mother's Day! 


Lots of Love, 

Tash xx