Mindful Nourishment: Tips from Tash

On her recent trip up north, Tash looks back on how she detoxed, revitalised and nourished herself to get back to work with mindfulness. 

Nourish Yourself

At the moment, my number 1 activity that I have learnt to do is nourish especially in these very weird and uncertain times - taking time for yourself is not selfish. In fact, taking a break when you need one and stepping away from work, social commitments and digital devices is necessary for your health and happiness at all times.

I have just done this recently with a much needed a break up north to Coral Bay which I was lucky to do with my girlfriend who is a school teacher. The trip was planned last minute and we ended up staying at a backpackers' inn but we had so much fun. I had no service at all when I was there so no mobile reception, which meant no Internet! At first thought, "what am I am going to do?" as I need to still check in with work. I thought I would be so stressed and freaked out but I took the time to realise that it was the universe telling me that I need this break more then ever at the moment for my own mental health and that everything will still be there the next day and the day after that. I did minimum check in and it was a quiet week with no stock arriving or a collection launching and was able to shut down the stress that goes with emails and being online all the time and regroup.

You have to nourish to flourish.


Five Minutes of Mediation a day 

Recently I have been advised that taking 5 minutes a day to mediate can make a world of difference to help any stress or anger you may be feeling and I have recently started working on this for myself.

So while I was away I started this practice daily and found that it was difficult to shut the mind down initially. With deep breathing and patience, I was able to eventually shut the noises around me and concentrate on imagining inner peace within me. 

My favourite place to do this was finding a little space on the beach which has always been one of my must have places to visit when I need to think. You do not always have to do meditation it can be as simple as spending 5 minutes in a park or nature, a walk on the beach and switching off your phone.

Read a Good Book

One of the must have things I must take while I am away is books to read as it is the perfect way to wind down and be carried away in a great novel or two. For my recent trip I read 9 Perfect strangers by Liane Moriarty and Goodbye to Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders which both made me laugh and cry.

Lastly I Started reading Work Smarter, Live Better, Practical Ways to Change your Work Habits and Transform your Life by Cyril Peupion to make a difference to my day to day work life. What ever you need to tickle your fancy as they say take time to read and relax.


Go Back to Nature

Recently over the last few years I have been strongly recommended that one of the best ways to release stress and the fast paced world that we live in is to go back to nature and take the time to unwind and get back to a place that can bring calm and tranquility to your soul. My recent getaway up north in WA was that as it was taking long daily walks on the beach and through national parks , going to Kalbarri National park which was something I will never forget as we where able to visit the new Sky Walk and take a pic at Natures Window at Sunrise and it was breath taking and so inspiring for me as a designer and something I would recommend doing if you get the chance. Lastly snorkeling which was something I do not do a lot of and was able to do 5 times in Coral Bay and it was so breathtaking and again the colours or our amazing coral bay is been one of the top 5 things I have ever experienced.

At this time of the year, being mindful and doing these above steps over the last few weeks has been essential for my mental health and has made me feel clearer and stronger and back on track and what ever you need to do or find that helps you then make sure to practice this or incorporate in your daily or weekly routine.