Capturing the Bloom Collection at the Arched Window

Our Bloom collection celebrates the bohemian woman and the beauty of nature through gorgeous new colourways and prints featuring rich violet and blue tones and intricate floral details. It's rare in life to find pockets of peace and when we discovered The Arched Window, we knew this beautiful home captured the essence of the Bloom collection.
The Arched Window is a stone wall sanctuary which is true to its heritage. Located in South Fremantle, this home was the perfect location for our Bloom collection photoshoot, the bright arched windows, restored limestone walls and earthy essence was so effortless to look amazing in the shoot.
The relaxed, earthiness of this home enhances the bohemian spirit our bloom collection celebrates.

Our new Enchanted collection is enriched with our new, spellbinding Secret Garden print in two beautiful colour ways of Hibiscus and Violet. Filled with 5 new, delightful bohemian styles made in 100%, soft Indian Cotton with a silver Lurex finish, this charming collection see’s pretty florals in country girl dresses, while adventuring in style. Feeling wild and vibrant through a magical country style home and secret enchanted gardens.


The wonderful owners of The  Arched Window, Anneka Pearton and her husband were more than happy to have a chat with us about their beautiful home. Anneka Pearton is the creator of the fabulous program with students all over the world.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, and your beautiful home?

Anneka found her home when she was 23 and she knew she had found her "place in the world". Her friends were buying their first home. She told them she was buying her last home.

 Hailing from Europe, Australia wooed her with its nature, its beaches and its warmth. South Fremantle captured her with its “down to earth-ness” (literally) and its heritage. 


What was your inspiration when you were designing your home?

Anneka’s husband, Brad, is a boutique builder. He took Anneka's brief “Can you extend our house in keeping with its heritage, so that we can share the space and fill it with people and (piano) music?” and designed and built it better than Anneka could have ever dreamed of. 

The house sparkles, inspires and relaxes, whether you’re there just by yourself, or at happenings like piano groups, lunches, yoga retreats and photo shoots.

What is your favourite thing about your home? 

Anneka loves that the house is made out of limestone; the stone that lives here in the ground, that comes out of the ocean. Limestone is strong and lasting, but also porous and accepting. The stone’s yellow tinge is friendly like a soft sun.


You can find more information about The Arched Window below: 


Instagram: arched.window



We are so excited for you all to fall in love with our Bloom collection as we have, the collection is launching Thursday the 27th of May. 


With Love,