Backyard Camping!

I want to start by saying that I hope you are well and keeping safe! 
I have been getting through these new and unusual last 4 weeks while self-Isolating and I have to be honest, when we were told to stay indoors and only leave for essentials, I knew I would find these times very hard mentally as I am such an active person. I honestly never sit down. 

However, I have taken the time to relax and try new activities whilst working on my home and finally doing the little chores that I have put off for a long time. And that includes an at home camping trip!

This Easter long weekend I was going to be away down south in Margaret River, and as you can guess, that wasn't really an option. I started chatting to my friends who where also going to go camping over the school holidays and they asked me if I would try backyard camping, to which I replied HELL YEAH.

I always like trying something new and fun.



I am the first to admit as I am not a "camper" as such. I have no equipment at all. But with a little help from my friends (they let me borrow their tent and blow up bed) I was happy to except the challenge.

Good Friday was a stunning day here in Perth and was excited to set up the four-man sleeping tent with the help of my husband and Tuco (our Dog) as I had no idea what I was doing. We got the tent up fairly quickly and then blew up the mattress prompting me to transform the experience into a more boho style of 'Glamping' and brought all the essentials to make the perfect camping space overlooking the view.

I spent the day reading and at 4pm joined a video call with my friends to show off our tent set-ups to each other. My friends all have children and where excited showing me what they had achieved, which also included some outdoor cinema setups, which I was very impressed by. To be honest, just seeing their smiles on their faces made me so happy and I was glad that I had chosen to try something different with them.

One thing I am learning through these extraordinary times is to laugh as much as you want and try as many new things as possible while Isolated at home.

I hope you all had an amazing Easter break and that you are all taking care of yourselves. Sending you lots of Love.