70's Girl in a Modern World

The Little Miss Gypsy team had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and collaborating with local Perth bohemian queen, Bianca Roose.

This is a woman who exhibits the carefree, inner beauty and freedom of a 70's girl in a modern world. Not only did she spark happiness in the room the moment she entered it, but she was more than willing to get behind our brand and represent us. 

Here are a few things we learnt about her; making her truly stand out to us and what Little Miss Gypsy is all about.

1) She is inspired by Nature! 

"Nature, the kindness of others and creativity. I'm very motived by the senses - homemade comfort food, smells and music that instantly bring back a memory or moment in my life" 

Us too, Bianca! In fact, a lot of our collections are brought to life by exactly those things; memories, senses, nature. We work with colours and patterns that bring joy to us, the textures soft and breezy - nothing but comfort mixed with a bohemian flare. 

We share a passion of effortless, comfortable styling with Bianca, so it's no surprise what her next fact is.

2) She loves a statement sleeve

"bell sleeve, flared, poet sleeve, bishop sleeve, that 60’s iconic Austin powers lace ruffle sleeve - groovy baby!" 

Bianca has a perfect way of wearing clothes in a modern world without effort. Her confidence and willingness to show her true style is an inspiration and joy to watch.

"Anything that you can jump out of bed, throw on and not do anything else with are winners to me, and anything that is practical enough to climb trees in!" - Bringing back that love of nature, we see!

3) She knows her stuff!

Just even having a 20 minute conversation with her about 60's and 70's fashion - something both Tash and Bianca very much have in common - you can see she knows what she's talking about.

"The 60’s and 70’s were a really important decade for social change in the 20th century. When you look at it from a historical point of view, you had the moon landing - arguably the greatest achievement in human history - which was reflected in stylistic movements through space age design." 

Hell yeah! Nothing inspires us more than knowing that the movements in the 70's, and then heart and soul of that era are still respected and spoken about. 

"You had a major turning point in human rights movements, 2nd wave feminism, counter culture in the 60’s (think Timothy Leary’s time in turn on, drop out and experimentation with mind altering drugs), Woodstock, protest music, the civil rights movement, and the stonewall riots in ‘69 that was the foundation of the modern LGBTQIA+ rights movement." 

All extremely important and prominent today, which is why Bianca thinks the styles are also coming back into popularity.

"It’s making such a big comeback in terms of style and silhouette, because humanity is facing, once again, arguably the most vital time in our existence, for our own survival. Not only are we still facing the same social and political issues concerning race, gender, sexuality and religion, but the current global climate crisis is at its tipping point." 


4) She is nothing but PASSION

Bianca taught us such a valuable lesson when she visited our offices; passion inspires passion! There are so many amazing women in history and today, making a difference and standing on new ground for women to do so behind them. We believe Bianca is one of these women.

"I look up to people who are selfless, passionate about doing good, able to support themselves and make a living from doing what they love. People who speak up for those who don’t have a voice, or platform to be heard."

Quoting women and listing names like Jane Goodall, Joan Baez, Germain Greer, Simone De Beauvoir, Joni Mitchell, Gloria Steinem, Malala Yousefzai - and even her Nonna (one of the women that Bianca truly looks up to) ; there is nothing but heart and the true spirit of a 70's queen. 

Oh, and did we forget to mention?

5) She's a thriving local! 

That's right! Bianca was born, grew up and still lives in Fremantle, which she says is a "constant hub of creativity." She is a self made designer, performer, tree climber and activist marching for mother earth. We are more than happy to promote other amazing 70's inspired designers who stand for such amazing things and hold themselves, like Bianca. She is truly an inspiration to young Australia women and to have her wearing our brand around town, means more to us that we can confess.

Catch Bianca out and about town or near the ocean - "walking home barefoot, collecting feathers and treasures like it's muscle memory." 

We cannot get enough of this girl and we hope you feel the same way too. Please check out her socials and what she is all about - @biancarooose 

As always, love from

LMG xx