15 Minutes With ~ Rachelle From Wandering Fields

Wandering Fields


Rachelle thank you so much for catching up with us! To start with tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well I am a mother, wife, business woman and a nurse and because of this I am usually very busy. However I like to be busy. I love hanging out with my family and going on road trips, to the beach or wherever with our little 70’s caravan that we did up ourselves. I am a spontaneous kind of person and I do love an adventure!

What lead you to start your business? Can you tell us which pieces you’re loving from the LMG collection and why? 

My sister and I had trouble finding free flowing feminine clothing, made for real sized women, so we decided that we must not be the only ones that wanted a store for every woman. We wanted every woman no matter what shape or size, to be able to find clothing that she FELT amazing in, to feel like a goddess. So in 2018 we opened up a store in a little country town on Yarram (since closed in 2019) in regional Victoria and it went from there. We went to a few local markets and we attend The Seven Sister Festival at Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula every year. After a few months of having the bricks and mortar store I began the online store and it has gone from there. My sister has since left the business about 1 1/2 years ago to start her own family, so we have closed the bricks and mortar store and it is now just me running the online store from home. It is a busy thing to run your own business and takes a lot more hours than people think but I think if you love it and it is a passion of mine then it is really fun and exciting! I love all of the LMG collection but my favourites are the mini dresses, they’re so cute and fun to wear and the prints are gorgeous and feminine! My most worn piece is the Lily Mini it has a great cut and I wear it when it’s hot or cold with tights and boots! I love that the prints are happy, vibrant and are unique and different!

What’s on your playlist at the moment? What songs set the mood for a productive day?

I am loving Kasey chambers at the moment, she sings with such heart you can feel it in your bones, hahahaha, that’s so cliché but that’s what I listen to most, plus a bit of Angus And Julia stone when I want to chill out a bit.  

Two of our favourites! What do you do to unwind after a day’s work?

To unwind and switch off I like to take my kids and the Pug for a walk to a reserve we have near my house it is really nice and quiet and there is a huge lake where the kids can feed the ducks and see all the new little ducklings.

What are you grateful for this year?

This year I am really grateful that my friends and family are happy and healthy, pretty basic I guess but that’s it. In my other line of work (nursing) you see people that are sick or at the end of their life and you forget that life really is precious and you need to make each moment count! I am super grateful to all of my beautiful customers who love the clothes and come out to support me at the markets and festivals and purchase online. I think it is really important to stay in touch with them, find out what they like and don’t like and help them find the dress or skirt and tee combo that they feel really beautiful in, at the end of the day there is something for everyone, we just have to find it!

2 months to go until the year is over! 2020 goals?

Wow I can’t believe the year has gone so fast! We will be attending the Seven Sisters Festival again in March 2020 on the Mornington Peninsula so that is always fun! I would love to open another store, my youngest will be going off to Kindergarten in 2020 so I will have some more time to throw into making Wandering Fields bigger and better! And of course I am excited to see what LMG has for us for the coming seasons!

Rachelle xx

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